Commercial Creativity

Creativity is described as the skill of the 21st Century

With CEO’s stating creativity as number one skill required for their future success. However, only 30% of workers describe themselves as having reached their creative potential. Ultimately, we have a creativity gap! To bridge this gap, SalesAde has developed an enjoyable and interactive workshop called Commercial Creativity

SalesAde utilises active listening to tailor a program specific to your team

5 Steps to Commercial Creativity

Step 1 ~ Creative Environment

Develop a working environment in which people, creativity and flow can thrive

Step 2 ~ Creative Teams

• Recognise individual strengths and unique creativity
• Generate innovative thinkers and strong problems solvers
• Build robust creative teams

Step 3 ~ The Creative Process

• Turn great ideas into actionable innovations across your products, processes and service
• Determine the right creative process for your team
• Ensure the whole team is involved in the creative process

Step 4 ~ Align creativity with team goals

Align the creative environment, teams and processes with company goals

Step 5 ~ Action Planning

• Putting together a plan for future and continuous improvement
• Become creatively commercial