SalesAde uses 20 years’ experience to coach sales professionals to achieve their personal best

Partnering with companies to develop environments in which creativity and people thrive

SalesAde can be booked as a keynote speaker for your event

Specialist topics are Commercial Creativity and marginal sales gains. SalesAde  would also be pleased to explore customised presentations

Creativity is often described as the skill of the 21st century. However, most working environments suppress creativity.  So often we are told to be creative, but does anybody ever tell you how?

In rapidly evolving markets and times of economic uncertainty sales training is essential. SalesAde uses a unique program to nurture the talent within your team

SalesAde 6 steps to sales success

Define your marginal gains

Using creative and strategic processes to define opportunities for marginal gains throughout the sales process

Proactive prospecting

• Learn the importance of active listening and using structured questioning

• Determine your customers true requirements

• Experience driven techniques and tips for email, phone, and customer site visits

Focussed Teams

• Ensure your team know where to channel their time and energy to maximise output

• Time management techniques and the 80/20 rule

• Opportunity Quality Scores (OQS) using the SalesAde BRACE model

Proven Processes

• Close more and close faster, increase your forecasting accuracy

• Maintain your sales flow using SMART data

• Effective use of CRM

• The power of reference and referal

Ignite Your Marketing

• Ensure a return on investment using SalesAde’s forward marketing techniques

• Unique marketing ideas to share your story

• Differentiate your products and brand

• Enterprising exhibitions

Strategic Planning

• Develop a strategic action plan to implement marginal gains

• Using SMART goals with supporting measuring actions

• Align the sales team with company goals

• Develop a culture of sustainable selling

SalesAde utilises active listening to tailor a program specific to your team