Building a Culture of Collaborative Creativity

Companies that invest in creativity are proven to be more productive, provide a better customer experience, and ultimately, they are more financially successful! Hence why creativity is the number one skill being sought by CEO’s and business owners.

Just like success breeds success, creativity breads creativity. Ideas grow and bloom when the whole team is involved. So how do you build a culture a collaborative creativity?

Culture does not change overnight, particularly for larger well-established companies. However, if there is a desire to build a culture of collaborative creativity and there is a strategy in place to achieve this, culture will change!

Below is a list of key points to consider when building your strategy.

  • Hire people with common goals – explore company goals and values during the recruitment process, remember an interview is a 2 ways process, and should be a great fit for both parties
  • Continuous growth – encourage continuous training and skills investment for the whole team
  • Creativity thrives in a flat company structure, with transparent management
  • Creativity flows where employees are given freedom and trust, within agreed boundaries
  • Protected time is key, encourage all employees to spending 20% of their time working on the job, and the other 80% completing essential in the job tasks
  • Where possible have separate digital and analogue (offline) areas within the office
  • Build collaborative zones, where the team can come together to hone ideas
  • Great ideas flourish through trial and error and purposeful play – there should be no fear of failure or taking time to collaborate
  • Take time to celebrate successes and failures, consider using peaks and trough charts
  • Team away days that are not based on output, but based on team bonding

If you are starting a new company, invest some time in the culture your aiming to build. If you have very clear company goals, values, and purpose then the culture will follow.

Existing company culture can change, it may take a little time but the commitment to change is worth it, remember that companies that invest in their creativity are ultimately more financially successful.

You can employ the right parts, but if you can get them all turning together and in the same direction, that can be powerful! People will thrive and creativity will flow.

If you would like to learn more about, protected on the job time, digital versus analogue areas, or collaboratives zones; or if you would like to learn more about the five steps to Commercial Creativity by SalesAde please get in touch.

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