Do you want to Ignite your Marketing?

A key question before any marketing activity will be, how do we get the maximum return on investment? Whilst your marketing strategy will have a determined budget, don’t let your marketing be defined by your budget. If you want to clearly differentiate your brand to prevent customer confusion, you need to be creative! When planning your marketing think big, take risks, be bold. Only once you have your best ideas, then determine what is possible within your budget. I call this forward marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be an extremely effective marketing tool. SMM offers the potential for  faster and wider brand awareness, by maximizing exposure of your product and branding. SMM can also ensure instant and continuous feedback, both positive and constructive. Therefore, its’s important to remember that everything you do is marketing; from your branding, to your product, and the actions of the Sales team through to customer support. All marketing activity should be closely aligned with your company vision and values, which should be central to everything you do!

Below are my top 10 tips to Ignite your Marketing, starting with having a clear marketing strategy;

  • Clear Marketing Strategy – for the year ahead and for specific product launch
  • Everything you do is marketing – your branding, product, through to Sales and support.
  • Company Vision and Values – should be central to all your marketing
  • Differentiate your brand – creativity prevents customer confusion
  • Forward Marketing – budgets should never define your marketing
  • Speed Kills – maximize the impact of your product and brand
  • Stay Relevant – what worked in the past may not always work in the future
  • Competitors activity should not define your direction or marketing activity
  • Measure your marketing activity – document your marketing lead source in your CRM
  • Customer Feedback is vital – informs future product development and marketing

It is crucial you execute your marketing strategy! If executed as planned your strategy should ensure you remain differentiated and prevent customer confusion. Maintain a healthy awareness of your competitors only, they should not define your strategy, marketing direction or anything you say in front of a customer.

It is crucial that customer experience with your product and brand is closely aligned with your marketing messages, as this will have a significant impact on repeat business. The best way to ensure this is by collating regular customer feedback. Marketing is a cycle and customer feedback can also be used to inform future product development and marketing strategy.

If you would like to learn more about how to Ignite Your Marketing, please contact SalesAde

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