What do you do whilst your porridge is cooling?

I am sure you’re familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. A whole adventure occurred whilst that porridge was cooling, beds were slept in, chairs were broken… This raises a very important question, what can you achieve whilst your porridge is cooling?

Assuming Porridge takes approximately 10-15 minutes to cool, how can you invest in yourself to get your days off to the best start? If you invest just 15 minutes in yourself each day, this equates to 90 hours! of personal development time each year.

There is a wide opinion on how long it takes to form a habit, one theory is just 21 days. Below is a short list of ideas for you to consider in the mornings for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully forming a positive new habit to get your day off to a great start;

  • Exercise/Stretch.
  • 15 minutes of fresh air or time in nature.
  • Just sitting quietly, read one chapter of your book, follow a daily mindfulness App.
  • Read one chapter of a personal development book.
  • Plan your day. Focus your work, maximize your time, ensure there will be you time.

If you already have the above covered, further suggestions to get your day off to a positive start.

  • 1 creative idea. Aim to write down 1 new creative sales idea each day.
  • Review and update your action plan. Keeping you focused on your key Goals.
  • Depending on time zones, call a customer. Start your day as you mean to continue.

I hope this list has generated other ideas of how you can invest 15 minutes each morning to get your day off to the best possible start. Just give one idea a go for the next 3 weeks. Ultimately, the aims are to remember to invest in yourself, whilst ensuring you reach your customer with a positive mindset.

I find this technique very valuable. Most of the SalesAde resources have been written before 8am in the morning, whilst I am energized, alert and creative. By writing early I am also prioritizing my commitment to these resources, before the distractions of the day ahead.

If you eat porridge, this alone is good news, it is extremely healthy and gets your day off to a great start!

If you would like to learn more about the importance of investing in your Personal Development, please contact SalesAde

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